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[5 Tips] What Makes A Woman Intriguing To A Man

    But here’s the thing you need to understand. The reason why some girls can attract boys very quickly is because of some intriguing qualities they have. Believe it or not, it’s not because of looks. Not at all.

    These are some small, simple things that guys secretly love, but they will never admit. Often times guys like it subconsciously.

    Watching tall, handsome, amazing guys walk into the room and you are hoping they would take notice of you. But instead, they all walk right past you and go straight for another girl. As women, we’ve all experienced this.

    It feels terrible right?!

    In this article, we’re going to show you exactly how you can do the same.

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    Things That Make A Woman Intriguing To A Man

    How dating coaches and relationship experts, helped thousands of women to become more attractive, more confident and more popular.

    There are some simple habits that will make you irresistible to men. In this article, you’ll know exactly how to intrigue a man, and what men find irresistible deep inside their hearts.

    With these simple habits, it will be easier for you to get noticed in any social setting.

    After you get noticed it is important to lock-in their interest and we will also discuss how you can do that in the later part of this article.

    1. Importance of Having a Good Body Language

    According to psychologists, 90% of our communication happens non-verbally.

    whether you talk to them or not guys always notice your body language. and that is the first thing he notices about you, so it could either mean he falls in love with you instantly or gets turned off right away.

    Physical qualities like curves and weight don’t matter that much to guys. As long as you have good posture and confidence, you will be able to steal his attention and he will be intrigued.

    No matter how many other people are there and how far you are from them, guys will definitely take notice because your confident body language cuts through the crowd.

    2. Post Less On Social Media

    social media always kills the sense of mystery about the woman. It is one of the key qualities of an intriguing woman.

    But Most girls think posting on social media can make them more popular with men. If you think from a guy’s perspective, he will get tired of seeing your posts, and quickly lose interest.

    If you want to capture a man’s attention, you have to keep him wondering about you. This means you should post LESS on social media.

    Don’t post regularly on social media. You should pay attention to what kind of picture you are posting, post a high-quality pictures of yourself.

    Pictures where you are looking your best, hanging out with your friends or doing an interesting activity. Use filters or Photoshop, remember the goal is to portray yourself as a beautiful, high-value woman who is popular and interesting.

    When men see your posts on their social media feed, they should stop scrolling.

    3. Listen To Him Intensely

    This is a trick that many people have misconceptions about. Many people think that listening to girls makes them trust you and connect with you deeply. Believe it or not, men feel the same way too about girls.

    Do you ever try to fake it If you want to stand out of all the other girls and make him think of you non-stop, then you need to form a deep connection with him quickly.

    And the best way to do this? It’s to listen to him intensely. your attention on him when he’s talking will attract him deeply.

    It’s one of those little things that guys notice. But it will make him very curious about you, and you will find that he becomes absolutely fascinated with you!

    4. Be A Classy Lady

    When you conduct yourself as a classy woman, men will start chasing you. You will get noticed immediately and men will be interested in you. Qualities like beauty, elegance and sexiness.

    And unlike all the other girls dressed in their skimpy crop tops and mini-skirts, you will actually stay inside his mind. He will be daydreaming and fantasizing about you long after he goes home.

    The key is to hold yourself to a beautiful, high-value woman, and any man would be lucky to have you!

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    5. Be Secretive About Yourself

    Men always find captivating personalities intriguing. Which means capturing his attention, provoking his curiosity and making him fantasize and obsess over you.

    There are few ways to do this but the easiest way of doing this is simply secretive about yourself.

    The biggest mistake a lot of girls do when talking to a guy is telling him a lot about themselves and ask a lot of questions.

    Instead, You need to make him curious by leaving out details in your conversation, so that he starts asking questions and tries to get to know you. You should encourage him to dig deeper and ask you more.

    This is one of the strongest traits of a seductive woman. The more secretive you are, the more curious he will become.

    It’s the key to getting a man intrigued and hooked on you!