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What Guys Think About Third Date? Things To Know

    According to a survey, most of the girls think that after going on a date for the third time, everything becomes much easier. But how does a guy thinks about it?

    Many say girls are much more complex than boys but I don’t believe it’s actually the exact opposite. To many girls, the third one is the “make it or break it date”.

    Why and how is that? It is pretty simple when it comes to lives. Most women would never go on a date if they don’t like or love someone. We want to express our feeling to that person when we fall in love.

    But most guys think different about the third date. They love a rule next to everything. They have a rule of dating “third date rule”.

    What does a third date mean to a guy?

    I’m sure every woman would like to know the answer to the question, “what does a third date mean for guys?”

    Sometimes it is a pretty difficult and confusing job to understand men.

    We women talk and express our needs through communication. But men keep quiet about their feelings, sometimes you simply don’t know where the guy you are dating, actually likes you or not.

    So read carefully and pay CLOSE attention to what I have to tell you, and you’ll find the answer to that question below.

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    You have passed the “selection phase”

    I think boys have a clear idea of what kind of girls they want to spend time with. In this case, the first date is a lot like a selection process.

    After the first date, they decide in their mind whether they like the girl and will go on a date with her again.

    So if he asks you for a second date then it is an obvious sign that he likes you and is interested to know more about you.

    At this stage, if you can enter his mind and get his attention, it can be said he will not change his mind up to the third date.

    He already knows everything about your love compatibility, and he thinks it’s worth the effort. However, this doesn’t mean that he’ll start a relationship immediately, but he is definitely liking you.

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    There are some reasons why he is sticking around

    Without any reason there will be no second and third date, a guy can invite you on a second, and a third date, even when he doesn’t like you, but again, there must be a reason for that. Now the reason can be good or bad.

    Many guys believe in the third date rule, and they might stick around until then just to get lucky. The worst-case scenario is if he only sticks around just because he wants to take you to bed.

    However, here comes some relief for you. The 3rd date might also mean that he likes you, and it may lead to a potential relationship.

    The good thing is that there’s a way to find out which scenario is the right one. You should not be intimate on the 3rd date with him, and if he doesn’t like you and he’s only sticking around to get lucky, he’ll never call you again.

    The massage will be clear that he should run away because you want a more serious relationship. You may feel sad a little bit, but you’ll understand later that you have made space for a good relationship.

    Your first impression was perfect

    For many women, the first date is the most awkward one, especially if you’ve met on an online dating platform. That whole online dating thing is totally different from the traditional one.

    You’re worried about whether you’ll leave a good impression and whether you’ll like him.

    you feel so nervous and uncomfortable because you’ll be seeing the man you’ve been talking and texting with for so long for the first time.You just can’t relax until you hear him asking you out on a second date.

    If he does that, you can rest assured that you’ve nailed the first impression and that he already likes you.

    You are more than a regular hookup

    Unfortunately, many men like one-night-stands and regular hookups. It is the first date that helps them decide whether they want to hook up with a woman only or if they want something more serious.

    If they consider you just another hookup, they would never go out on another date with you. If a man invites you on several dates, it’s a clear sign he likes you and wants a serious relationship with you.

    It is a clear sign that he respects you, and that’s why he wants to know you well before you get into a more serious relationship.

    You can be sure he is not trying to get close for anything wrong, he wants to build a foundation of respect in your relationship.

    Unfortunately, most men follow the famous “3rd date rule”

    If you’re a woman who doesn’t know about it, let me tell you it’s a very stupid rule.

    This rule means that both partners will not be intimate with each other until the third date.

    The most surprising thing is that boys think that girls actually follow this rule blindly. But the fact is

    The date number isn’t important at all. You should never do something you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t like, no matter how much you like your partner.