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5 Things You Should Never Tell A Man

    Many people think that if you tell others about your life, the relationship will be stronger. But that may not be the case at all.

    Many also think that if you don’t tell your spouse everything, then it is a kind of dishonesty. But they don’t want to understand that not all things in girls ’lives can be told to everyone.

    This applies not only to relationships but to many areas of life.

    In this post we will discuss this in detail, and I am going to share 5 reasons why you should never disclose everything to him.

    But before that, it is very important to understand one thing well that it is not a good idea to be open about every thing in any relationship. So you must give up the idea that you need to tell him everything about yourself on a date.

    And you must understand that keeping things for yourself is not being dishonest, you can be a very honest person yet choose to keep things for yourself because you know it will harm you to reveal them.

    People might like you the way you are gradually after some times, but Initially, you should maintain the illusion and should not show the real you.

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    But Why you can’t tell everything about yourself

    There are two reasons behind this.

    First of all, men are human beings and the primary nature of every human being is to judge others.

    So naturally they will start judging you based on your temperament, your speech and what you say.

    Towards the end of this post we discussed in detail how all of these things can end a relationship very quickly.

    And the other reason is everything you say can be used against you when feelings change. things you said will become arguments and proof that you are the bad person.

    1. How many partners you had before

    Our way of life has improved a lot but our brain still works like a primitive man in the primitive age. And this is a little more true for men.

    A 2009 survey found that men are more likely to like women who have not had much contact with men or had 1 or 2 partners .

    So if you have more than one partner before, it would be a good idea to talk openly about it.

    But the solution to this problem is not to confine yourself to one or two partners, you need to go out there and explore before you can find someone who is suitable for you, but you should avoid sharing this exploration journey with your partner.

    2. Never compare him to an ex-boyfriend

    No two people in the world are ever equal, So there is no point in comparing two people. Some people do it out of lack of social intelligence but sometimes a woman does it subconsciously to create some sort of imaginary competition between a man and an ideal image of an ex .

    Maybe because she is still attached to the ex or maybe she wants her current man to become like ex.

    It’s quite unhealthy in all relationships, offensive and disrespectful. which is why you should make it a rule to avoid any form of comparison with an ex.

    3. If you come from a wealthy background, don’t tell anything that suggests that

    If the main purpose of your dating is to find a good life partner, then in the first stage of dating should never let him know that your background or financial status is.

    If this thing happens intentionally or unintentionally, Then it will affect your relationship in two ways. Firstly, you will attract those people subconsciously, who always want to take advantage of your background.

    secondly, all those people who really wanted to build a good relationship will walk away from you.

    And the day you break up after being in a relationship, they will fight harder over any financial issues.

    4. Don’t ask a guy “will we meet again?”

    The men you meet are not your friends, they are not emotionally connected with you until they decide to start building something with you.

    A lot of women are not aware of this fact, if you think practically dating and even relationship is a game. And like all games, it is very important to have a strategy here.

    In this dating game you should treat men as you would treat a stranger and not trust them with your feelings.

    It may seem a little different at first , but if you are a emotional person by nature this will help you to get the right mindset.

    So after all the dates never ask when we will meet again, If he does not come forward and tell you he wants to see you again, it means he actually does not want it.

    5. Never talk about your past relationships trauma

    Statistics says most relationships are not meant to last a lifetime. But You will be very surprised to know that almost all women thinks their life partner as their therapist.

    And it is natural because he is The person closest to you with whom you can openly share all kinds of feelings.

    But the problem starts when you reveal every intimate things that are actually your weak spots, and when you become so open about your weaknesses, you give away power to the other person even if you don’t realize it immediately.

    so it’s good idea to think ahead and not to give other person so much power that they can use it against you when things going downhill.