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5 Things You Do, Can Make Him Leave You Sooner or Later

    Do you feel that your partner is gradually moving away from you? Maybe you’re trying but can’t figure out why.

    Love is a very subtle thing. We often do things for the good of our loved ones, but unfortunately sometimes, those things end up takes us away from that loved one.

    Sometimes we don’t think about our action and our come of it we just listen to our heart. But this actions can mean some thing complete opposite to our intention.

    Trust me, even if he deeply and truly loves you, some of your toxic relationship habits and behaviours can easily push him away. We all have unhealthy habits that most of us aren’t aware of.

    No matter which phase of your relationship you are in you should always pay attention to these little toxic habits and try to fix them before it’s too late.

    ( Proven Guidelines for Better Relationships )

    1. Creating drama out of nothing

    You may have noticed many times that a woman you know may have ruined her own relationship by causing unwanted drama. The problem is we can see it when others do it, but we can’t see it when we do it ourselves.

    You may enjoy it sometimes but you have to learn how to quite that inner drama queen. Because if you allow her to appear too often, she’ll drive your man away.

    2. Always checking-in

    It’s absolutely normal for you to want to text if you miss him. You may love to be with him every moment but it’s not possible. And it is not a good idea to check-in with him every hour, asking him where he is and what he is doing.

    By doing these you will make him bored of you and he will disappear in the end. Nothing will push your man away faster than this.

    3. Snooping through his phone

    If there is no reason to suspect him, stop trying hard to find the reason. you may have heard many stories about betrayal. and that can create some doubts in your mind also. but that doesn’t mean you should start doubting him.

    If you have any reasons to doubt his loyalty, it’s still not a good enough reason to go snooping through his phone or any other way on his absence.

    You should confront him about your doubts. and if he can’t explain , ask him to give his phone to you. If he doesn’t have anything to hide, he’ll gladly do it.

    4. Don’t try to make important decisions for him

    In a healthy relationship both the partners participate in decision-making process. And they both appreciate and consider there opinion.

    But that doesn’t mean you’ll interfere in everything in his life. Doing so you’ll make him look weak in front of other people, which will hurt his ego and may make him feel like you are trying to donate to him and eventually you start to grow apart.

    You’re his better half, lover, and friend. Be his support system.

    5. Making hasty and irrational assumptions

    We all get jealous, it’s not that women are more jealous than men. But when we get jealous we are more prone to make hasty and irrational assumption.

    And that is not a very healthy situation for any communication. If you have any reason to doubt him, you should talk it through with him.