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Relationship – Advice, Stories, Quotes & Information

In most cases, the word relationship is used in a general sense, as if the word has only one meaning, but it is not. In fact, the meaning of the word varies based on relationships with different people in different areas of life.

We have relationships with all the people we meet all day but the nature of those relationships is different.

There is a relationship between two friends but that relationship is a bit different from the relationship between two office workers. And it is very different from the relationship of a couple. 

Again, apart from all these things, there are several relationships that have no social stamp or name.

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What is Relationship?

Generally when we talk about “being in a relationship,” the only picture that came to our mind that is of a romantic relationship. 

That said, romantic relationships can take many different forms, from marriage to casual dating to ethical non-monogamy.

Relationship does not always mean a relationship with a bf or gf.

A relationship is an association or a connection between people. A relation in which two people are connected to each other only by feelings.

Types of Relationship 

We label different relationships to define their nature. To mention a few of them are.

  • Familial relationships, the relationship between family members or relatives
  • Friendships
  • Enemies or rivals
  • Acquaintances
  • Sexual relationships
  • Professional relationships
  • Student/Teacher relationships
  • Group or Community relationships
  • Relationships based on places, like neighbors, roommates, and landlord/tenant relationships

Love Relationship

one of the most profound emotions humans experience. It is a combination of Affection, compassion, respect, and consideration.

Different types of love

According to the ancient Greeks, there are eight different types of love

  1. Sexual passion or Eros
  2. Deep friendship or Philia 
  3. Playful love or Ludus 
  4. Love for everyone or Agape 
  5. Longstanding love or Pragma 
  6. Love of the self or Philautia 
  7. Family love or Storge 
  8. Obsessive love or Mania 

Understanding Compatibility and Love Relationship

Okay. So I’m going to define what love is but I’m going to talk more about attraction than love– people who find each other of romantic interest that might then develop into a love relationship.

But let’s start with a definition of love. in the theory of love that argues that it’s made up of three components:

  • Intimacy
  • Passion
  • Commitment

or what is sometimes called decision commitment. And it is relatively straightforward. He argued that you don’t have love if you don’t have all three of these elements.

Intimacy is the feeling of closeness, connectedness with someone, of bonding. Operationally, you could think of intimacy as you share secrets, you share information with this person that you don’t share with anybody else. 

That’s really what intimacy is, the bond that comes from sharing information that isn’t shared with others–with many other people. The second element is passion. 

Passion is what you think it is. Passion is the–we would say the drive that leads to romance. You can think of it as physical attraction or sex.

The third element of love is calls decision or commitment, the decision that one is in a love relationship, the willingness to label it as such, and a commitment to maintaining that relationship at least for some period of time. it does not love if you don’t call it love and if you don’t have some desire to maintain the relationship. 

So if you have all three of these, intimacy, passion and commitment, you have love.