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Quotes – That Will Change Your Thinking

History repeats itself. So if you want to learn something without being hurt yourself, learn from the experience of others. 

No matter how straightforward we may think the way of life is, it is not like that at all. So if we can follow some people who have seen life up close and conquered it, and let their experience guide us. Then that can enable us to handle our life much more easily.

Learning from successful people is a fantastic way to grow. And their words can be a valuable source of inspiration and motivation. 

Every successful person in the world has overcome many obstacles in their path to success. And overcoming all those obstacles has taught them a great deal about life. Quotes are usually a combination of those experiences, explained in words.

What are Qoutes?

Quotes are simply words or sentences that reflects some ones point of view about something. Some times it is used to inspire other and even as proof of some statements.

If you can use quotes properly, it can add authority, persuasion, and strength to your argument. However, quotations should only be used to supplement your argument.

Don’t use only quotations as you argument – remember quotations are there to support you arguments and not to replace it. Sometimes it can be trikky to use quotations correctly.

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Quotes from Famous People

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Inspirational Quotes

What are the direct quotes?

When you take another person’s words and use it in you own document then it is called a direct quotation. It must be placed inside a quotation marks and give it attribution.

When should you use direct quote?

In order to present evidence or references it is the most effective way. If you can integrate it with the argument smoothly, the information becomes more effective.

Other good idea is to paraphrasing a quotation rather than using a direct quotation. But there are situations when you should use a direct quote. And those are :

  • Use them in a well written and memorable writing.
  • If you are writing a passage which needs a clarification.
  • Direct quote if the author add value to you writing.

Formatting a direct quotation correctly?

There are two ways to format a quote. “short quote” and “block quote.” deciding the style of the quotes depends on the article or the passage you are preparing.