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Common Questions Guys Ask When He Is Interested in You

    What do you think is the hardest part of being a woman?   Maybe it is the curiosity she has about how others think about her. 

    Girls always want to know what boys think of them. If you follow closely, you will find that you are probably thinking about that all day.  and you don’t know if the guy likes you or not. 

    But don’t worry, we are going to discuss that in this post.

    After reading this post, I hope you can easily tell if he is interested in you.

    How is that possible?

    If a boy is attracted to a girl, he starts asking her certain kind of questions.  these questions are not as they appear to be, it has different meaning.

    And the more he asks this kind of question, the more we can say he likes you. So next time when a guy asks you such questions, you can be sure that he is interested in you. 

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    “How are you?” | “Are you OK?”

    What it actually means: “Hello, I want to talk with you”

    “How are you” this is probably the most favorite question a boy asks when he wants to talk to a girl he likes. 

    And there are a few reasons behind their being the most preferred sentence. When a guy asks you how you’re doing, it doesn’t mean he really wants to know how you’re doing. 

    The implication behind asking how you are is that he wants to talk to you at that moment and he finds an excuse to talk to you.

    Now if a man is strongly interested in you, he might go a step further:

    He will be more in tune with how you feel and care about your well being.

    And if he sees that you might be having some trouble, he will ask “Are you OK?”

    That’s when you know he’s not only interested in you – He definitely has some feelings for you!

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    “What have you been up to?” | “How was your weekend?”

    What it actually means: “I’ve been wondering about you”

    If a boy likes you, he will always try to know what you are doing, especially if you are not around. 

    This is one of the best ways to start a conversation. If he is interested in you then he may also want to know what you are doing this weekend. By doing this he actually tries to find out what is the right time to spend time with you.

    “What do you like to do in your free time?”

    What it actually means: “I’m curious about you”

    When a boy starts liking a girl, he tries to get to know and understand her better on a personal level.

     And the process of knowing her personal level begins with what she does in her spare time. We work at the working time but many aspects of our personality are revealed through what we do in extra time.

     And the boy wants to know that because he wants to have a deeper relationship with that girl. Or maybe he’s looking for a specific time to spend with you.

    “What were you like growing up?”

    What it actually means: “I want to become closer to you”

    Our childhood and how we grew up is a personal topic.

     And if a boy wants to talk to you about it, it means he wants to know you much better.

     This kind of question always means the one thing – he wants to know you deeply. He wants to create a picture of your childhood in his mind.

    “What are you most passionate about?”

    What it actually means: “I want to know what makes you excited”

    We’ve talked about this before if a boy asks you a personal question. That means he is interested in you and he is trying to get to know you better.

     If he asks you what your passion is, it means he’s trying to figure out what makes you feel the most excited. And by this, he is trying to convince you that he is genuinely interested in you.

    “How do I look?”

    What it actually means: “I care about how you see me”

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if a boy thought about you all the time?

     If a guy wants to know how you feel about his looks. It just means that he values how you see him. 

    And from that, you should understand that he thinks about you all the time. Simply put, the more people are interested in you, the more they value your opinion.

    So when a guy asks for your opinion, you know he is starting to become hooked on you, and is interested in you on a deep level.

    “What do you see in me?” | “What quality do you like in me? ”

    What it actually means: “I hope you like me”

    By now you may have guessed that by asking you something he is actually trying to explain something to you. 

    When a boy asks what you see in him. He knows the answer to that question in his mind, he just wants to see if you look at him the way he looks at you. 

    And at the same time, it is better to say that your answer should never be what he wants to hear. This is the best time for you to tease him and play with his heart a little bit

    “Are you seeing anyone?”

    What it actually means: “I like you, and we should be together”

    Finally, this is one of the strongest signs that a guy is interested in you.

    When a boy wants to know about a girl’s love life, you should understand that he wants to move beyond friendship. 

    The way boys think and act is quite different from that of girls. Girls usually like to talk about their relationship among themselves but boys are a lot quieter and reserved about this.

     If a boy thinks you’re just a friend, he’ll never ask that kind of question. If a guy asks about your past relationship, you can be sure that he or she is on a good bus with you.