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Proven Guidelines for Better Relationships

    Ever wondered what a great way to build a healthy relationship?

    Yes, it is very important to have good chemistry with your partner. But that doesn’t mean that having chemistry will build a healthy relationship.

    To build a healthy relationship you have to take some responsibility and make some practical changes.

    The biggest indicator of a healthy relationship is caring behaviour. Partners who encourage each other all the time. Listens to each other’s words and respect all their decisions.

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    What Does a Relationship Need

    It can be romantic or any other type of relationship, partners should have a fair share of contribution to the relationship.

    Here are some proven activities that can improve your relationship.

    • Have Open Communication
    • Fun Time
    • Intimacy
    • Trust Each Other
    • Personal Space
    • Respect

    Have Open Communication

    Open communication is the starting point of any healthy relationship. You should be comfortable sharing your life issues, success, failures and even serious issues in life.

    Partners in healthy relationships may have different opinion, but they should listen without any judgment and share their honest perspective.

    Fun Time

    You may face drawbacks in your daily lives. And that’s when the biggest blow came to our relationship.

    It can change the tone of your relationship. Effect the spontaneity of your relationship.

    In this situation it very important to share some lighter moment, maybe a joke and light-hearted laugh can relax both of you.


    The first word that comes to mind when we think of intimacy is sex, but that’s not fully correct.

    Physical intimacy can be kissing, hugging and cuddling. Many studies have shown affectionate touch like hand-holding, hugging, kissing can boost oxytocin levels in your body which helps improve bonding and attachment.

    Trust Each Other

    Partners who trust each other won’t cheat or lie, it’s all about honesty and integrity. Even you are apart for some times, you should be confident about your partner.

    And this confidence comes when both the partner don’t keep secrets from each other.

    Personal Space

    There is a need for personal space in every relationship. You must have commitments other than the relationship.


    Respecting your partner’s feelings and being mindful of your actions that can hurt your partner is the key way to show respect in your relationship.