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Vitamin Pick Up Lines

1. What vitamin are you looking for? I heard semen is made out plenty of proteins, vitamin, and mineral, and I happen to have some with me right now. Want some?

2. Are you omega-3? Because you support my healthy heart.

3. You must be a vitamin, because I cannot function without you.

4. I don’t need no vitamin complex, all I want is just simply You.

5. All I want is Vitamin B with you.

6. Did you get some magnesium supplement? Because you are totally magnetic.

7. Baby are you an antioxidant? Because you keep this free radical in check.

8. Girl are you an iron supplement? Because you got my blood flowing.

9. You must be regulated by the FDA because you treat, cure, and prevent my broken heart.

10. Babe are you calcium pill, because you made my bone hard.

11. Are you multivitamin? Because you have everything that I need.

12. Do you need Vitamin Me?

13. My doctor said that I’m deficient in vitamin U. The only cure is if you vitamin C me.

14. If you ask me what kind of vitamin are you, I want you to be VitaMIN E.

15. Are you vitamin deficient? I know a way to pump some into you.

16. I know that you want me bad, but do not chew before swallowing.

17. I am down for anything, including that sweet Vitamin A(ss) of yours.

18. Are you stressed? I heard Magnesium and Vitamin D vitamin helps, and …sex helps too.

19. My doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U.

20. I got some Vitamin D for you.

21. Are you vitamin C? I am getting sick missing you.

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