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Donut Pick Up Lines

1. Donut you know how much I want you?

2. Babe you are like a donut, I thought I was on a diet but I don’t care anymore.

3. I donut know what happened last night, I just knew you were hot and sweet.

4. Want to get some donut and coffee, and perhaps sex after?

5. Whatever sprinkles your donut, I got some of that sweet loving.

6. Let’s get some sweat on that sweet donut of yours.

7. I want to cover you with my glaze like a donut.

8. You are the hole that complete my donut.

9. Babe are you a donut? I want to take you out and eat you in my car.

10. This donut hole isn’t the only hole that I will be having tonight.

11. Baby you are the jelly on my donut.

12. Are you a dirty donut, I don’t mind and I’ll lick you clean.

13. Have you seen a hot dog through a donut? I can give you a good show tonight.

14. Donut and sex?

15. Do you want to get donut or do you want to be the donut?

16. You are the coffee to my donut, you complete me.

17. Girl I am ready to sprinkle some magical love on you.

18. Are you dunkin? Because I donut want to spend another day without you.

19. Girl, I am a donut without you, you make me whole.

20. If I were that donut you are eating, then I would already be inside you.

21. Do or Donut? I will just do you.

22. Girl you must be the donut that I have been looking for, my pants are getting tight.

23. Sex is like donut, you know its bad for you, but it feels so good. Want some donut?

24. Baby I love you like I love donuts.

25. I am glazy about you.

26. Donuts love coffee, you got some donuts and can I buy you some coffee.

27. I donut care about anything when I am with you.

28. I want to call you mine for the hole lifetime.

29. All the other girls are plain bagels, and you are my one and only sprinkled donut.

30. How do you like your donuts? Glazed or frosted?

31. You are like a donut. Once I taste you, I can’t stop.

32. I’d like to be the donut jelly that melts in your mouth.

33. I am ready to fill you up with some of my magical cream.

34. Do you prefer donut or just nuts? I have both at my place.

35. Girl, you donut know how much I want you.

36. You are one dough-able donut.

37. Babe, my eyes are glazed all over you.

38. Girl you are a donut, and I could eat donuts all night long.

39. Donut take this the wrong way, I just wanna sprinkle you with with sugar and spice.

40. You wake up my taste buds like a tasty donut.

41. Are you a doughnut? Because I find you a-dough-rable.

42. Oh babe, you are my sugar sweet donut.

43. Babe, I am ready to put some jam in your donut.

44. You are hotter than donut grease.

45. Be my donut, and I will fill your holes.

46. All you need is donuts, and love.

47. Are you donut, because you are all sugar and curves.

48. I love you like I love my donuts.

49. Do you know whats good in bed? Donut and sex.

50. Are you a donut? I am ready to glaze you inside and out.

51. No sugarcoating needed, I am totally in love with you.

52. Donut and coffee for an amazing date?

53. I know how to make that donut taste even better, some of my man frosting.

54. I am a donut and you are a donut hole, I want you inside me.

55. Babe you are finger licking good like this donut.

56. If this donut is my meal, then you would be my dessert.

57. Seeing you make me melt like jelly on a hot donut.

58. I am a donut without you, all empty in the middle.

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