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Dim Sum Pick Up Lines

1. Babe, after Dim Sum tonight, I’ll make you cum.

2. You are sui mai type.

3. Nice buns!

4. You are the only wonton for me.

5. Roll in the sheets with me.

6. All I want tonight is Siu (Mai).

7. Girl, you gonna have a Wonton-Derful night with me.

8. The only pudding I want is inside you.

9. Are you Dim Sum? Because I could taste all of you all day long.

10. Girl, do you want some tasty meat inside your bun?

11. You’re all the and Dim Sum.

12. Dim sum tell you, you are the one for me?

13. Want to have Dim Sum with me? I got beefy balls.

14. You are so hot and steamy, you are making my little dumpling go big.

15. You make my tart melt.

16. I want to tart you all night long.

17. My love for you weighs wonton.

18. Life is Wonton-derful when I met you.

19. Girl, I want to suck on your feet like this Chicken feet.

20. I’d like to make some Soup-er babies with you tonight.

21. After this egg roll, how about let’s roll in my bed.

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