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Chocolate Pick Up Lines

1. I don’t think I’d mind if they call you a Devil’s food, because I’d still take the risk for you.

2. I don’t know babe but I think my love for you is enough to stop your cravings for sweet.

3. You are 10x delectable than any sweet food I know in this world.

4. It is crazy, the way you make this heart beat faster the way only sweets can do to me.

5. Baby I can never get enough of your sweetness like I can never get enough of chocolate.

6. I don’t know about you but sharing this bar with you feels absolutely right.

7. I heard you have a stash of kisses in your dorm can i possibly get one from you?

8. Sooner or later I will get diabetes because of your sweetness.

9. I do not like sweets but I would gladly eat them just to get close to you.

10. I do not want a piece of you because I wanted the whole lot of you.

11. Are you Willy Wonka? Because I want to cum inside your chocolate factory.

12. Life is a like a box of chocolates, and I cannot imagine my life without you.

13. Since I’m all about chocolate, how ’bout a little sugar?

14. It’s nice that if I want something sweet I won’t ever have to hold back ‘cause I have you.

15. Chocolate are always better when shared with you.

16. I cannot think of anything sweeter than chocolate than… oops… of course there is you!

17. Do you know a bakery around? Because I would like to purchase a sweet like you.

18. You could put all the sweets business if you will be consistently sweet like that.

19. There are two types of people in this world: People who love chocolate and people who love you. And I don’t love chocolate.

20. You are like a box full of sweet that I cannot get hands off.

21. Do you think you need more sweet? Because I would love to make up for if you let me.

22. We go together naturally like marshmallows go with chocolate.

23. You have this ability to make me so happy like only sweet foods can do.

24. I have only two weaknesses resisting chocolate and resisting you.

25. Girl my taste buds almost always craves for chocolate but now it craves for you.

26. If you are a candy bar I promise I would refuse to share you with other people.

27. I am only satisfied for the day because of a sweet like you.

28. I will not ever need sweets if I already have you in my life.

29. Are you chocolate spread? Because I want you to spread for my satisfaction tonight.

30. Don’t you think having you and sweet food in my life is redundant?

31. I like my cocoa maragnan just like I like my nights full of flavor because of you.

32. I can’t resist to use my tongue in eating this ice cream just like I can’t when I’m eating you.

33. Baby you’re so sweet you’d put Hershey’s out of business!

34. Babe you are definitely not M&M, because you are melting by my fingers.

35. You gave my life thrill just like sweets do to my taste buds.

36. I would like to be your stash of food that can give you comfort whenever you are sad.

37. Don’t you think you have got to check if you have diabetes? Because you are the sweetest.

38. Baby I would trade the entire candy bar in the world for you.

39. You make me feel a lot giddier like I have eaten a box of chocolate.

40. Chocolate are always better when shared with you.

41. You have this certain snap that made me notice you just like how I know a good bar from bad.

42. You make everything taste better just like cocoa.

43. Babe, I don’t think there’s anything hotter than chocolate, until I met you.

44. Want to share this lovely candy bar with me and possibly a lifetime?

45. You are so sweet, I would eat you over chocolate any day.

46. You brighten up my day like only drizzle on strawberries can.

47. I do not think it is possible but you are sweeter than all the chocolate in the world.

48. Can you be my mocha? ‘Cause mocha is made from two of my favorite food in the world.

49. I do not need anything special because you are enough special in my life.

50. I would gladly love what you sweet foods just to get to your heart.

51. I learned to love sweets because of you and I am thankful for that.

52. You definitely taste better than chocolate.

53. Are you a box of chocolate? Because I want to take your top off and gobble you up.

54. I do not need a ganache on my cake because you are enough sweet for me.

55. Darling you are enough sweet for me. Am i enough for you?

56. I want to take all my breaks talking to you.

57. Baby I badly wanted to be the drizzle to your banana and strawberries.

58. My tongue still craves your kind of sweet baby.

59. I used to hate sweets but I came to love those because of you.

60. You have this effect on me I only feel upon eating chocolate.

61. Boy I can make you melt in my mouth and in my hand like chocolate.

62. Being with you is like getting into cloud nine full of sweets.

63. Just so you know I have a ref full of chocolate, a couch and good films at my house.

64. You’re like a sweet because I’d like to drizzle you on any food and still not get enough of you.

65. I go nuts over your kind of sweet.

66. Are you Kit Kat, because I am going to break you and eat you.

67. I feel like I went to heaven full of chocolate upon getting a taste of you.

68. When I met you my craving for something sweet stop.

69. You look sad, let me sprinkle some of good vibes at you baby.

70. Whenever I look at you I see something more desirable than chocolate.

71. I was going to get you a box of chocolates, but you already have a sweeter box.

72. Baby you satisfy me like only chocolate could.

73. You won’t ever need to bring me sweet food, I like you enough.

74. You are smoother and more palatable than a fondant and I like that.

75. Nibbling is not enough, know that I want to devour you fast.

76. The only favorite thing I have in this cruel world aside from sweets is having you in my life.

77. You make my day complete just by getting a whiff of you.

78. I want to lick your body the way I would lick anything with chocolate.

79. I do not want anything fancy just you and a whole bowl of flavored ice cream.

80. You are the kind of sweet I am not willing to share.

81. Baby you light up my mood like the way chocolate can.

82. Do you mind if I share these chocolate with you?

83. Babe, you know what’s better than that Tootsie roll? How about we get some Titty Roll in the sheets.

84. You have this capability of making my taste buds so happy and I love that.

85. I am all for chocolate and falling in love with you.

86. Are you chocolate milk? Because I want to swallow every last drop of you.

87. Hey can you accompany me? Because I am returning this cake cause I realize you’re enough.

88. You make my heart melt faster than hot chocolate.

89. Can you be the partner to my chocolate?

90. I only wanted a week’s supply of sweets instead I got a lifetime supply because I got you.

91. Are you a chocolate bunny, because I want to nibble on your ears first than eat you full.

92. I don’t think there’s anything hotter than a chocolate but hey! There you are in front of me.

93. Is your name sweet because you absolutely are.

94. I do not mind gaining more weight as long as you do it with me.

95. I feel the rush upon eating chocolate whenever I hold your hand.

96. Dear I would pour all the sweetness I have in my body towards you to make you happy.

97. I can make you so happy with all the stash I have at home. Want to see those?

98. Does your dad own a chocolate factory? Because you are as sweet as chocolate.

99. Baby I am only tempted by two things: you and chocolate.

100. You are the surprise I wanted to get more than I want chocolate.

101. Do you like it dark or milky? I can definitely make an adjustment for you.

102. Girl you’re like a ganache ‘cause you make this cake better just like you make my day better

103. I feel better already with you holding my hand, sweets aren’t even needed.

104. My love for you is like hot chocolate, I just can’t hold on to it.

105. You make everybody happy like a sweet food. How about I make you happy this time?

106. I heard you are a chocolate lover I guess we are compatible darling.

107. For you I can be 100% made of sugar so that I will be enough sweet for you.

108. I thought of you while having chocolate cake, because you are just too sweet.

109. Hey baby, want to have some fun with me along with some chocolate tonight?

110. If you will allow me I would like to consume you everyday because I like the taste of you.

111. Darling I will supply you with stash of sweets and my never ending love for you.

112. I go loco whenever I eat chocolate and you.

113. Are you cold? You look like you could use some hot chocolate… Well, I got some sweet white chocolate.

114. Ouch you are giving me a good kind of toothache just because of your sweetness.

115. Girl I love to see and experience the sweetest you can be.

116. At home it is always sweet o’ clock. Want to come with me?

117. My favorite place in the world is cuddled next to you nibbling something sweet.

118. Lick my fingers like you could not get enough of me like you do to your sweets.

119. If you were ice cream and i was chocolate sauce, I’d pour my love all over you!

120. Hershey makes millions of kisses a day, all I want is just one from you.

121. Oh damn I never knew having you would give me the good kind of cavities.

122. I don’t like sweets but baby you are an exception to that rule.

123. You are lovelier than all the sweets in the world combined.

124. Are you chocolate pudding, because I want to spoon you all night long.

125. Hey girl can you be the candy sprinkles to my ice cream?

126. We’re like hot chocolate and marshmallows. You’re hot, and I want to be on top of you.

127. Is your name chocolate, because you make my serotonin levels rise and give me a sense of pleasure.

128. Are you Hershey’s chocolate? Because I would like one kiss from you.

129. Babe you look absolutely better when you take that wrapper off of you.

130. I’m never a selfish person but when it comes to sharing you with other people…I dont think so.

131. I hope in all the stars that you and I will not have any expiration date.

132. Sweetie I can be your sweets in this world full of bitter people.

133. I’d love to be that cookie you’re eating because they have the excuse to get close to your lips.

134. Are you chocolate? Because you are the only one that can satisfy me.

135. Darling, you are like chocolate, you make everything better.

136. Nibbling would be enough for now because I would like to save you forever.

137. I am always ready for something sweet like you.

138. You are a fountain of all the sweets in the world and that is why I love you.

139. Babe I am so happy to see you, and this is definitely not a chocolate bar in my pants.

140. If only the sweets tastes like you then I would definitely start to love them.

141. Babe can I get a cookie that tastes like you?

142. I am craving for you more than I am craving for hot chocolate.

143. Girl, I love how you melt this hard chocolate bar with your mouth, perhaps you can melt something else tonight.

144. Are you a chocolate bar? Because I see me filling you up with my nuts.

145. I promise I’ll make you forget all the bad things this day brought by being your stash if sweet.

146. If there is a food that tastes like you I would definitely get a supply of those forever.

147. Are you ready? Because I would definitely want to taste your sweet.

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