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Boba Pick Up Lines

1. Are you boba tea? Because I crave you every day.

2. Are you boba? Because I cannot last a week without you.

3. Babe, I would like to dump my Boba in your tea tonight.

4. Babe you love boba pearls? I think you will definitely love pearl necklace.

5. The only boba I want is you.

6. Babe, the only thing missing in my Boba tea is your milk.

7. Don’t add boba to your tea, you are already full of contexture.

8. I may not be your cup of tea, but I got great boba balls.

9. The boba in this tea isn’t the only sweet thing around here.

10. People call me Boba tea, suck my balls and I will give you a great time.

11. Babe you love boba tea? Because you’re a cutie.

12. You’re like my Boba, hot and sweet!

13. I don’t want any boba tea, I only want you the Pre-Tea.

14. Would you like to go for some Boba?

15. I like my boba like I like my women, hot and soft.

16. I got boba.

17. Would you like extra milk or cream in your Boba?

18. Babe, it’s not this bubble tea, you are the one making me feeling bubbly inside.

19. Are you Boba? Because I have fallen in love with my first taste of you.

20. You’re the boba to my tea.

21. I brought you some Boba ’cause baby, we’re a matcha made in heaven.

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