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Tips on How to Get Him to Text You First

    What do you do if you have a crush on a guy but you two are not in regular contact then?

    The logical answer could be, you would go and talk to him. But this is not usually the case. We do not feel comfortable talking to someone suddenly.

    Sometimes we know the person but feel a little hesitant to talk to him fluently because we like him too much.

    Whatever the situation is, the point is that you like the man and you want the text from the other side to come to you first.

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    How To Make Him Text You First

    This can be confusing, what you do? Should you talk? should you avoid him? 

    What action bring you the SMS text from him. Luckily some actions can make this happen.

    It is proven that if you do these correctly, you can make any guy craving for your attention. 

    But the thought is. Some guys know about these things. And they don’t care to initiate text communication. Good news is some tips will make this kind of situation easier for you.

    Don’t Be Always Available

    A lot of times when we like someone very much, we start to think about him all the time. And as we think about him all the time you respond to their call or text immediately. 

     Doing so can lead to two things: 

    • first, your own life and daily activity will hamper big time, 
    • second, the person you love may think you have no life.

    And that may cause him to feel the lack of personal space before the relationship begins.

    So stop thinking about him all the time, involve yourself in other activities. 

    You should stop being free for him all the time. That doesn’t mean that you have to avoid him.

    Give Him A Reason to text you

    Just like you were feeling uneasy to talk to him, maybe he is feeling uneasy to text you first. 

    Since you have experienced this, you have to give him a reason so that he does not feel uneasy texting you first

    And besides that why would anyone text anybody without a reason? 

    You can share something through friends or you can come up with some interesting way to reason to text you. 

    If you have a common interest then this step will be very easy for you. 

    Does He Like Texting at all? (find out)

    Let’s face the truth, some guys do not like to text at all. Maybe he likes to talk. 

    In that case, the chances of text coming from him are minimal or it can take longer than usual. 

    Even if he texts you, don’t expect too many or too long texts from him. In fact ”short texts” are another indication that he doesn’t like to text.

    In this case, you should focus on reminding him to text you whenever he is free. 

    Don’t Text Him or reply to him

    One of the best starting point is, making him miss you. 

    To accomplish that :

    • you have to stop reply him immediately.
    • you can stop texting at a very interesting point of conversation.
    • Always end a conversation first.
    • you may stop texting for some times. (But remember you should not stop texting for too long. )

    Doing this can make him wait for more.

    When you are with him have fun 

    Everyone likes to be around fun-loving people. And guys like it more

     “Guys like fun-loving girls naturally.”

    And if you have fun and enjoy each other’s company that can improve your bonding

    So if you have lot’s of fun tougher. Crack jokes, flirt and even tease him. 

    This will make him missing you the moment you leave him and he will start texting immediately.

    Make Him Remember You

    Making him remember you will increase your chance of getting text first. 

    No matter where you meet him, you should try to make a long-lasting impression. So that he remembers you. 

    “Humour and jocks workes best with men. “

    Make him laugh with jokes. 

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    Meet His Friends

    If you have common friends this will be the easiest and effective. 

    you should attend get together and common friends party. 

    You can tell a friend about your interest in him. Maybe that can open a door. 

    Let Him Know

    Letting him know that you love to have texts from him will encourage him to text you.

    But yes if you overdo it, this can be annoying.  

    Ways to avoid being annoying:

    • Know his daily routine.
    • Know when he will be free.

    Tell Him To Text You When He Gets Free

    This can get annoying if you don’t do it correctly, but you should do it. 

    You may simply ask him to call for an important discussion.

    But you should have a clear idea of what you going to talk about.