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Funny Happy Birthday Quotes And Message For Her

Birthdays are the happiest occasions in everyone’s life. And everyone wants to have fun on that day. So one of the best way to wish is with “Funny Happy Birthday Quotes”.

Now matter how many people wishes you happy birthday. You will only remember the funniest wishes only.

Keeping this fact in mind we have collected some of the most Funny Happy Birthday Quotes. Pick the one you love and wish her Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Funny For Her

You spread joy and happiness to others every day of the year. Take this one day to relax and enjoy yourself. Happy 30th birthday gorgeous lady!

Happy birthday! I was planning to write you a special poem for your birthday, but I couldn’t find any words that rhyme with decrepitude.

Happy Birthday Funny For Her
Happy Birthday Funny For Her

Happy birthday! I wouldn’t call you old. I would call you elderly, decrepit, feeble, infirm, on your last legs (but not “old”).

Happy birthday my love! For me, you are like the most fragrant, sophisticated, and tender rose! Let me be your gardener and guard who will always protect you from evil. I wish you all the best, my rose: grow up in prosperity under the sun and never fade!

The greatest people that ever lived kick-started the journey of their greatness at 30. This will also be your portion as you celebrate your 30th birthday today. Happy birthday!

To my friend on his birthday: I want you to know that I’ve always looked up to you. Yes, you’re taller than me, but I’ve always admired your style and impeccable grooming. By the way, time to trim that nose hair.

Happy birthday! If anyone calls you old, hit them with your cane and throw your teeth at them!

When they handed out brains and beauty, you got a big dose of both. Thank you for being such a great friend. Happiest of Birthdays!

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Happy Birthday Quotes For Her Funny

Turning 30 is a milestone that allows you to feel more confident in your abilities and continue to go after what you want. My wish for you, dear friend, is that your worth is acknowledged and the drive that you have never ceases!

At 30, you have what you need to start achieving your life’s goals! And you have more going for you than most people I know. Happy 30th birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Her
Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

They say you lose your mind as you grow older… what they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it much! Happy birthday, dear.

Girl, you look amazingly young for your age but remember we went to school together. Best wishes! Cheers to a woman who has dyed her hair so many times, she doesn’t remember what its original color is!

When you were born, the sun shone… for the very first time! Happy Birthday to the woman who has it all! One hundred years of accumulation would result in that!

Some people believe that the most important events in life occur before 30. You and I both know that each life is unique and often, the best is yet to come. May your 30th birthday bring more possibilities for the future!

The old pessimist focuses on his growing number. The old optimist focuses on his growing blessings. Forget about the past, you can’t change it. Forget about the future, you can’t predict it. Forget about the present, I didn’t get you one. Happy birthday!

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Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

Happy birthday! The best advice I ever heard when I got older was “savor the little things in life.” Of course, you first need to see them, which is impossible at our age.

You are blessed with a youthful appearance, and I suppose I’m blessed because of that too! Happy birthday to my dear girlfriend!

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Her
Funny Happy Birthday Quotes For Her

Happy Birthday to someone who doesn’t quite look as old as a dried-up prune yet. May all your dreams and wishes come true today and every day.

I love you, girl, and I’m wishing you the best today. However, if you ever blackmail me for any reason, remember I still have those graduation photos of you.

Have you checked the number of candles on your birthday cake? You have to blow the entire candle by sniffing. Ha-ha-ha. Happy Birthday, Candle Queen!

Looking at you fills me with hope! A woman can live to be a hundred! Mirror, mirror, on the wall, pay attention to the question and watch out what you are going to say about this glorious woman’s birthday!

Your birthday is pretty much the only one that I can actually remember by heart, mainly because I know my life wouldn’t be worth living if I were to ever forget it! Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend!

There’s really only one true birthday. The rest are simply anniversaries of the day of a person’s birth. Birthdays are like vacations. You don’t have one too often and they come and go too quickly.

Celebrating 30. Happy Birthday I hope your day is filled with excitement as well as a lot of fun. Congratulations to you on celebrating this wonderful and fantastic milestone. Enjoy!

You are always a bar of sweet chocolate and it is not easy to find a special gift for you. I hope some packets of balloons will be okay to contribute to your lovely and charming birthday? Just want to say, happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday! Have a rest like a queen; love like Juliet; value yourself as the priceless diamond! Enjoy every moment! Remember that you have only one life and no one will make your mistakes for you! Now it’s time to dream and try!

Do you hear that whooshing sound? That’s the sound of your youth going down the drain. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Babe! All we know that you have the attractiveness of a cute Little Mermaid and the skills of a Good Fairy. So let me stay your pleasant Prince forever. And besides, let the power of your charm defeats all the evil Witches in your life!

I am scared and the reason is that I don’t want us to sit together during your birthday party. Who knows when you finish eating your cake you will demand my own. Hmm…food manager. Happy birthday to you.

Happy 30th birthday. You probably do not know how much you matter to me, but that will not stop me from telling you over and over again, especially today!

Whether or not you want to put a label on our relationships like girlfriend and boyfriend, there’s no question about it that having you as a friend comes with it perks!

I love it whenever it is your birthday. You are a good friend please always put me in the department of cake attendant. A smile I love your birthday cakes so far. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday!! You are one-in-a-million and I’d rather spend the day celebrating your birthday than anything else—except for watching football, baseball, or hockey.

Just to be sure, I’m going to bring a few buckets full of the water tonight before you light up the candles, don’t want to be homeless on your birthday due to an accidental fire! Happy birthday my friend!

I love your face, mouth, lips, hands, and almost everything about you but your face—whenever you are angry it scares me away to a distance of uncountable kilometers, I hope you will put a smile on your face today? Happy birthday to you!

Happy 30th Birthday Funny For Her

Congratulations, you’ve finally reached the wonder years… wonder where your car is parked? Wonder where you left your phone? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is? Happy birthday!

Beauty and brains wrapped up in one charming package. I don’t know how you do it! Sending heartfelt 30th birthday wishes your way!

Happy 30th Birthday Funny For Her
Happy 30th Birthday Funny For Her

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest! (But it has also been scientifically proven that too many will kill you.)

30 Happy Birthday. Hoping you celebrate to the fullest because a very special birthday such as this can only happen once in a lifetime. Enjoy!

So, I always wanted to learn about dinosaurs. Could you share your knowledge with me? I mean, you have probably met them in person! Just kidding, happy birthday you fossil!