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Deep Love Messages for Him

    Deep Love Messages for Him

    This is the best collection of very emotional messages that you can send to your boyfriend, most touching love text messages you can send to make him feel special.

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    Emotional Love Messages for Boyfriend

    Everything about you that I know of is pleasant to me. You’re the first and only human that have fully appreciated me. You must be someone from a planet of supermen. I love you madly.
    You must be the origin of love. Your actions and words are just out of this world. Everything you do makes me want to love you more. I love you very much, baby.
    The greatest gain I’ve made on earth is the addition of your love to my life. If I have my way, two of us will be one being. I love you and I’ll never apologies for it.
    There’s nothing that can make me take my eyes off you. There’s no distraction because I can’t even take my eyes off you to be distracted by the distraction. I love you much.
    For you, I’ll be anything. A friend. A sister. A mother. A daughter. Even an aunt or a niece. Because you are everything I need in a man. I love you madly.
    I see the days you spend with me as “better days” and the things we do together as the best things. If there’s only one special place in my heart for a human, then it’s for you. I love you, darling.
    I don’t have to understand everything, but I know that I’ll live for you. The plan from the beginning of creation was for us to be one. I love you madly.
    In this life, and maybe the next, I doubt I can find one like you. I’m desperate to never lose you. Of all the good things earth can offer, I prefer you. I love you.
    It’s funny how I look at other unions, shake my head and boast that no one, apart from you, enjoys what I enjoy. I’m glad and blessed to have you. I love you forever
    Let’s talk about the dark days that we brightened by ourselves and the moments we spend together, that we wish never come to an end. You’re perfect for me. I love you.
    What I’ll never understand is why every man is not like you. I mean God gave the same opportunity to every man to be sweethearts, and you used your best. I love you.
    You’ve been a source of happiness, one reason I cling to you. But beyond that, I’ll love you, no matter what happens to your mind. I love you.
    With you, there’s no other relationship that I can be jealous of. If every man is like you, every day will be blissful for women. I love you, babe.
    In my opinion, we were both lost before we found ourselves. Now, I know we will never get lost again. I’m blessed to have found you. I love you very much.
    You’re everything beautiful to me. Even if all your physical features disappear, I’ll love you. Nothing was meant to replace you in my life. I love you so much.
    Like the old rugged cross, I’ll cherish you. Like Romeo or Juliet, I can die, if it means I’ll be with you. You are like water to me. I can’t do without you. I love you.
    My love letters are an assurance that I’ll love you better and better. Because when I see them, plan to love you more than I did when the last was sent. I love you, honey.
    I’ve seen that you’re devoted to me. That’s one of the many, countless reasons why I’ll love you till I die. I love you so much I can’t deny or control it.
    For life, I’ll stand by you. For my good, I’ll hold you. For your good, I’ll stay with you. For our good, I’ll let nothing come between us. I love you madly.
    Once upon a time, I did not believe in perfection. But contrary to popular opinion, I now believe perfection is possible. That’s because I see it in our union. I love you so much.
    I’ll readily abandon food, sex or sleep to love you better. Sometimes, I want to pray and all I end up doing is thanking God for you. I love you, my sweetheart.
    If I decide to never love again, I’ll fail because I can’t help myself from loving you. Plus, God will be confused about my not loving you. I love you, boo.
    I’ll rather miss food than miss you. Even without romance, you’re still good for me. You’re worth more than any international treasure, at least, to me. I love you, my sweetheart.
    Every day, I love you more than the previous day. Just because I asked God to send me happiness that will last forever, he sent you. I’m proud to say I love you.
    My love for you is higher than my roof. If your love is a sport, I swear I’ll not risk losing it. There’s no way I can stop loving you. I love you so much.
    Diamonds in the skies are dim when compared to the brightness of my love for you. No amount of darkness can swallow up my love for you. I love you so much.
    Wherever you come from must be a beautiful place of beautiful people doing beautiful things. Your beauty is out of this world. I love you so much.
    Thanks for being created. If Earth was without you, I’d have refused to be born into it. I look at both of us being together and I see only good, and that’s because there’s only good to see. I love you, dearie.
    I’m not afraid of all I have to do to hold you forever. When I fight for you, I feel no pain. With you, there are only gains. I love you so much, my darling.
    The best gifts I ever got from life came when you came into my life. I’ll always love you and will never accept that another person can replace you in my life. I love you.
    My heart beats in excitement when you call my name. Even though we’ll spend the rest of our lives together, I don’t see myself getting tired of you. I love you, darling.
    So I’m glad to have you and I know I’ll have none other like you. All the love I need from a human is found in you and I’ll trade you for no one. I love you so much.
    Anyone that speaks against our union is either a liar, a hater, or just plain ignorant. So let’s enjoy ourselves while we live. I love you so much.
    Your voice reminds me to give as much as I can to you and I’ll always look for a way to express my love for you. You are mine and I love you.
    A lot of people have tried to be who you are to me, but if he’s not you, then he can’t be like you. I love your kind of unique. I love you forever.
    If you’re my hair, I’ll burn any clipper I own and I’ll stay away from clippers as much as possible. I don’t wanna lose you. I love you, sweetheart.
    I’d rather have scary dreams with you in them than have interesting dreams without you. I just want to see your face, as many times as I can. I love you madly.
    You don’t just bring light to my eyes, but you brighten up my entire body. Now, I think I was made to love you. Nothing I’ve done for you is compared to how much I love you. I love you, my heart.

    Crazy Love Messages for Him

    I’ll give you the best because you deserve it. We’re the best pair I’ve ever met and your the best partner for me. May our love blossom. I love you so much.
    I’ll do all manner of things just to be with you, but I’ll never think of taking another in your place. When I rewind to when I chose to be with you, I see that I made no mistake. I love you madly.
    Nothing beats being loved by you. When God thought that no one should be alone, he made me for you and you for me. The more I love you, the more I want to love you. I love you, honey.
    Even though I may never find another like you, I’m consoled in the truth that you love me and have made me feel worthy of a beautiful person like you. I love you, my heart.
    The least I can give to you is the best of me. I’ll love you till I can only see darkness, and even then, I will still love you. I love you, my darling.
    Every single day, you do things that make me love you more. I feel like I can’t trust and cling to any human-like I trust and cling to you. There’s no one like you. I love you, babe.
    With you, I can never stop believing in love. With you, I have a reason to trust. Since you beat the description of my dream man, I’ve decided that no dream is too big. I love you, my heart.
    Everyday ushers me into your loveliness that I can’t resist. That’s one reason why I wish you a long life. I also wish you life, joy and all you want. I love you, baby.
    No day with you is a bad one. Truth is you’re the first best thing on my mind. I’ll choose to have you over and over. I love you, my heart.
    I see moving clouds and it’s not half as interesting as you. It’s no lie that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m proud to love and be loved by you. I love you, sweetheart
    My love for you is crazy. All my being is mad over you. My mouth can never go tired of calling your name. I’m sure I was made for you and you for me. I love you.
    You’re so dear to me that I wonder if anyone could be dearer. Every curve on your body is loved by me and every movement you make is beautiful to me. I love you, Darling.
    All I write about your are true. And beautiful, because you are only beautiful. I can tell of beautiful futures because I’m spending my life with you. I love you and I do so proudly.
    Even in my dreams, I can’t find a man as lovely as you. I used to have dreams of the perfect man, but you surpassed my dream man. I love you so much.
    Boasting about you is pleasant because not many have people like you. You make me feel so loved that I feel like all my efforts to reciprocate your love is nothing. I love you, my sweetheart.
    There’s no other way to say I love you that will mean more this message. This is me pouring out my heart into a message of love from me to you. I love you, Darling.
    How sweet your voice sounds in my ears. Every single sentence you make sounds like you’re saying you love me. I love you very much.
    Every day that comes with you in it feels like a day in heaven. Now, I’ll rather be with you than be with any other person. I love you and I know that only God loves me as much as you do.
    From the day you became part of my life, I’ve seen beautiful sights, heard beautiful sounds and experienced beautiful moments. I don’t want to lose you. I love you.
    You make me feel like life has no troubles. To me, the only trouble is your absence. You’re the most beautiful being in my world. I love you.
    Our offspring can only be angels because my awesomeness met with another great awesomeness. I want to be with you forever. I love you, my heart.
    Everyone that’s good deserves an angel like me. Here I am, your angel, to guide and protect you, to hold you and to comfort you. I love you, my baby.
    Even if I replace you, I’ll lose. Because no one can effectively be half of what you are to me. I’m happy I met you and joyful that you’re mine. I love you madly, babe.
    No matter how long any other good thing lasts, nothing it offers can beat what I’ve gained from the time I’ve been with you. I love you forever.
    I want to begin and end my day with you. I also want to love you more than I love you now. I’m proud of you and happy to have you. I want you to know that I love you.
    I know that I can never replace you. Your face, even with your dark skin, shines like that of an angel. You’re my angel and I’m your baby. I love you, dearly.
    If it seems like I’m not being loved by you, I know it’s my glasses that need cleaning, because I trust your love for me. I love you so much, babe.
    Even if the world comes to an end, the love I have for you will still remain. The only thing I don’t understand is how a couple that’s not us will say their partner is the best thing to happen to the world. I love you, baby.
    Don’t forget every beautiful thing we’ve shared. One awesome memory with me is all I need you to preserve for the rest of your life. I love you so much.
    When I think of beauty, you cross my mind. When I think of heaven, all I see is you and I being together for as long as forever is. I love you so much.
    I’ll never let anything take you away from me. Truth is I pray we live long so I’ll enjoy your love for as long as possible. I love you and will give up a lot to keep the love going.
    You’re my addiction. In my heart, your name is called more than a thousand times daily. You’re an addiction I don’t want to fight. I love you madly.
    If your love for me is scripted, then no nonfiction can be preferable. You hold the keys to my heart and all. I love everything about you. I love you, my baby.
    Nothing I have seen can generate the kind of actions that suit me best. I cannot say why God loves me enough to put you in my life. I love you as much as I love God.
    When I think of karma, I conclude that, for me to have someone as lovely as you, I must have done something good. I love you madly.
    I see you as the biggest love icon of our time. Truth is I expect a statue to be built in honor of you. I’m proud to have you and I love you.
    Every part of me is happy that you’re a part of me. If I’ll lose sleep to keep you, I’ll gladly lose it, but with you, I’ll find sleep. I am yours and I want you to know I love you.
    The thoughts of you that I have are the sweetest thought a person can have. I can’t prove that God smiles at every union, but I know, with a lot as evidence, that he is pleased ours. I love you.
    You make me believe in the reality of love. You’re my best reference point when I speak of the beauty of true love. And I love you beyond anything I can say.
    I can’t make a list of the things I’ll do for you to show how much I love you. And now that I’m sick of seeing distorted versions of love, I’ll show my definition of true love to you. I love you, my darling.
    I’m getting addicted to you, and this is an addiction I love. Anyone who tells me to drop this addiction is either ignorant of what we share or hateful towards me. I love you, my baby.
    I’ll never burn a bridge that separates any part of you from any part of me. I’m willing to give more and more to our relationship, so whatever I’ve done in the past is nothing compared to what’s coming. I love you so much.
    You satisfy me in ways food and sex can’t and you hold me closer than my family ever did. I’m convinced that I’m better off with you in my life. I love you very much, my dear.
    Our conversation is music to my ears. Everything about our union is pleasant. If I’m not with you, I’d rather be with God. I love you forever.
    When I remember how my life was without you in it, I thank God that you were created. Every time with you is a good one. I love you, darling.
    I only have reasons to attempt to give more of myself to you, but I can’t because I’ve already given all of me to you. You’re my owner and my love. I love you, baby.
    All the beautiful things on earth have you as who they look up to. You’re beautiful in every way I know. I’m sure your beauty will stand out even in heaven. I love you.
    When you speak of me, I feel like the most important person in the world. When you say you love me, I lose control of myself. I love you so much.
    Here and now, I know that you’re the best partner in the world. Here and now, I know you’ll remain the best partner in the world forever. I love you, baby.
    The roads we pass through can never stop me from loving you and I’ll hold you closer than I’ve ever held anyone. My love for you is so much I can’t control it. I love you, my heart.
    Your touch beats that of Midas because I feel more valuable than gold when you touch me. In my heart, no one can ever fill the space you occupy. I love you.
    You’re my heartbeat. My heart beats with thoughts of you. The best picture of myself that I can think of has you in it, you being somewhere in my heart. I love you madly.
    Living with you feels like heaven on earth. Everyone that’s not in support of our union should be ignored or fought against. My life is better off with you in it. I love you, baby.
    Because you’re all I need, my hands are always open for you. With you, I’m most fulfilled. With you, I feel like myself. I love you, my darling.
    If you worked for me, I’ll make your salary a priority, so you’ll never think of quitting or going on strike. I want you by me and with me and I love you.
    You are the answer to prayers I’ve made since I was young. Your presence in my life assures me that my days can only get better and better. I love you so much.
    When I see your text, I feel like I was just touched by God himself. Under God’s supervision, we were brought together. I love you so much.
    What kind of stories of love can I tell that matches the story of our love? None. One day, the earth will look for a story of perfect love, and ours will be the best they can find. I love you.
    Loving you must be the definition of full bliss. No man ever meant to me what you do and your arms are my favorite place. I love you madly.
    Anything that comes from you is appreciated more than any other thing I get. With you, there’s no option of giving up. I’ll do all I can to make you happy. I love you so much.
    I’ll take your hands because I trust you to lead me to bliss. Take mine and let me lead you to a world of fun, peace, joy and love. I love you, baby.
    With you, I feel like I’m in a plane, traveling to every beautiful place on earth and having the fun of a lifetime. I love you so much and I’m proud to say it.
    If I’m male, then you’ll be my role model. God saw through everything I could ever see and brought you my way. For that, I’m grateful. I love you.
    Falling out of love with you is as impossible as the death of God. Not just because you’re attractive, but because we were made for each other and nothing can change that. I love you.