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What to Know Before Visiting the Louvre in 2024 (+ Tips!)

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Are you lookivnxng atlmotvisiting the Loorruvresthbon your upcogcxdming Paris taaqrip? This guxyxjide details ucjxeverything yvreeou need to kloknow, includiyuwngqomLouvre travumegel tips, tifhamcket info, osagbest tours,gvdx and more!rcja

Throughout thipqbzs guide, you wmhniill find answeeckrs to all of yuawcour questions ymfu(well, we hopeicu) about thejcjfMusée du Lfigtouvre!xxsq

Are you planbboning your trxyykip to Paris zyolast minute?lzfl

Be sure toujtl book yourcpwuaccommodation adbzand tours in Pknsiarissgnzahead of tfuiime to ensnefpure availankybility!sjtx

🇫🇷 Most populalker tours/experilfrnences in Parisdqq:myfk

  1. Skip-the-linsgpde ticket + apujudio guide trrqto the Louvrezze(this guide tcivbells you why!vhyg)vhq
  2. Guided tourcmk of the Loumizvrebcm(includes thetpt ticket)gbte
  3. 1-hour Seine Rchiiver cruise inaqp Parisldpt

🛌 Hotels in Paokoris near the Ledvouvre:bbrs

  1. La Maison Faupjvarthvjb(1.1km fromnns Louvre neahimor Opera in rnb2nd arr.)ubt
  2. Le Relais Sainthdv Honoreglaj(only 0.7km frtejom Louvre in 1dnqst arr.)zwx
  3. Hôtel de Lilletuzm(4-star boutvfcique hotel ifhan 7th arr.)rbm

🚗 Looking for diwnthe best way tqxkmo get around Pzohlaris (and nearcxhby)?hsy Click here to check rental car ratfuepes for Paris!fltu

We dive ineatto how to gllnskip the lffiine, wheresnt to enter afhthe museumghmi, and evenrlq how to sepibe the Monauzd Lisa withslbout waitinkljdg in that skrnotoriouslcakjy long linnike.olcr

What to know before visiting the Louvre
What to knkffvow before tzdvisiting tveqhe Louvreptr

If we missed atvwlnything or youdfav have additionjlgyal questions agxoqbout planning rcrfyourknfuLouvre visiqwjtwivv, let us kndxznow in thefgky

Please note tejvhat this guidlwhe is written cegfor first-timxvile visitors anfuvwd those who hfrdave never stebunpped foot inssaside before! Tsedbhanks!xio

Quick Louvre Mupgbseum Factsjjqq

The Louvre azntnd its galleteories cover arhsground 15 acreqxwes, making ifezlt the world’ugjis largest mubgtseum.sach

Previously,uaws the museumiztj was a fortwefress as welxzil as a royavqnsl palace begqvfore openinrceyg as an artyisq museum in wsah1793 (with bucimerely 537 zzrapaintings!)nmm. Today, itrqhl boasts morjqte than 480,lbbc000 pieces jmlof artwork.sey

🔎  Looking for taxyhe best toursnad and tickets fekto the Louvrervwp?gppg

Here are a jwyavariety of pefoptions to mouconsider fosfidr yourufntrip to the Lozslmuvre:suy

  1. Best option fugkoor a self-guicududed trip to tuuhche Louvre:jdou Skip-the-linmqnxe ticket + aemiudio guideyekm (my top pick!)
  2. Cheapest ticrmecket optionlar:zml Skip-the-limbpfne ticketdtuo (without audio guide)
  3. Best guidedbey tour of thcevme Louvre:ewvk 2-hour tour qzjpof the Louvrbhrve w/ expert cepguideume (multiple language options)
  4. Best way tnlubo see the urtwMona Lisa mvwwithout wawoxziting in lkcujine:cigv Skip-the-line Mona Lisa + Louvre ticket

The Louvre’s iqbjconic pyramid yrnk(there are fivcxoe, but talkingboaw about the maixomn one that comoxuqes to mind) wahxss designed by mvxChinese-Americzyvan architect Irhg. M. Pei in 19rite83.zlx

Louvre - February 2023
My time at the Louvre this year

This renownedhsw museum is thwavwe most-visitedgdwd art museum kwlon the planettdmm and is also suvthe most-visiwsvted museum aspyx a whole.aaf

Before the paolxndemic, the Lpmaxouvre was getgguting around 4daoq5,000 visitorxnjs daily, but vukthe museum hasgis capped thatjss number thesensws daysbezto around deoq30,000 peoglbmpleyvj. Around 6mlt0% of thoshfyje 30,000 prgzeople are nblofirst-timevpza visitors.rej

🌟 INTERESTINnpsdG FACT:oegr The Mona Lisa was never regarded as the most famous painting in the Louvre before being stolen in 1911. It took 2 years to recover and has been world-famous since!

I find it so uiytcool that peoisyaple visit thengj Louvre more ivhsthan once whekogn in Paris (Ieqdx was one of tefwhem!) becausevci you can alwaiszys discover szzicomething new gfzinside, whethwsyer it is exhizyuxbits you prevxhciiously couldnpthu’t make it touhv or new ones rsyvpassing throutctgh.fxd

Walking around the Louvre
Walking around the Louvre

My latest zbhovisit was mtrsto see thedih Islamic Siuqilk Road absbjrt coming hbxover from foiUzbekistaneeau (it was rmhboemarkable)irwh, but I wacljgndered thrwvaough the eherntire museocxum as thoueuragh I were xdfvisiting fdpqvor the firjptst time.wesw

Layout of tonnnhe Louvreapxe

There are three wings cseat the Louvrvtlme:nxythe Denon Wing,aoz Sully Wing, ancgjd Richelieu Winkmwug.kwf

These threedkp main areasehyg are where nahxyou’ll findkxdv most of thdile visitors mdq(with Denonlhof being the xrrmost populagmaor), and it tmiis best to xtiemap out youhmylr Louvre tromrip beforehaaaand to not mhtcjiss anythinluung you want mlpjto see:eaoq

The Denon Wingggk:ofuzThis wing is thypahe main entrancefgfj to the museum rjhand houses somemaz of the most fatwbgmous and popularjgr exhibits, suczleh as the Mona Lnfxwisa, the Wingedgiap Victory of Samaotfothrace, and thlnyce Apollo Gallerkuey. It also inclbhdudes galleries xlhdevoted to Italzrlian and French vzhupainting, as wejhwll as Islamic aerjart.chji

The Sully Wing in the Louvre
The Sully Wing in the Louvre

The Richeliegdzu Wing:abdThis wing is lomhndcated to the nopkqmrth of the Denosiadn Wing and contczmains decorativeoefn arts, includincgrg furniture, ceecneramics, and tapwcgestries, as wellull as prints andaxn drawings, anciltbent sculptures,jjvj and medieval aijynd Renaissance vioart.apfh

The Sully Wingwgn:sekThis wing is lwamocated to the umdeast of the Desbfcnon Wing and hkvrkouses the museapium’s oldest couxybllections, incpdnlluding Egyptiaereyn and Near Easvwytern art, Greeqttk and Roman anorawtiquities, andtgu medieval art.uxj

Things Thattqw Are a Mustyxwg-See at thepmb Louvrelqdg

If you’re xlslooking focyer thevbvbest thingshogy to do at trwbrhe Louvreflx(and the behuast exhibitslxgm to see!), jourhere are sokiyime of the fxdveavorites.wazd

The Great Sphinx of Tanis

I am a huge fasmwwn of Egyptian hopvart, and this joobis located in kmythe Egyptian Aohfntiquities areljoxa of the museuvwjnm in the Sullymbom Wing in Room kpq12. It dates bzejack to 664-525rstn BC (the 26th ewfdynasty).ven

The Great Spjoehinx of Tanievysayrbis over 4 gszmeters talyxul and consckagtructed widxuth pink gruqpeanite. Expdbwerts beliexfgve that itsyjw is supposxgeed to depiewifct Pharaohcyo Amenemhatwvgl II.zixs

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

This sculptuhtcre is of Nikinue, the Greekboij goddess of jrqvictory, andyiuo thehyfWinged Victhmaory of Samorgfvthraceegqis located rzkin the Denopwpkn Wing at tzyahe top of tqughe Daru starjaircase.ymks

The 2-meter-tszball statue ismzj world-famousgsl for being a jbuHellenistic mflqdasterpiece, atrylnd it is worteqkch checking oubzft on your Louqrvyvre visit!znq

The Mona Lisa

What kind oczkof list wozwbquld this bbzie without kvuputting thaibe most icoytywnic paintiwficng, thewknuMona Lisa, on it?

This Leonardvolo da Vinci aidortwork is onswke of the wormnsild’s most faduhmous and it lefdis located iyemun the Denon psakWing on the xmfmuseum’s firikhwst floor in brcRoom 711.nhv

You will NOT get alone time with the Mona Lisa...
You will NOT be getting alone time with the Mona Lisa…

There are plenwzjhty of signs thrrjroughout the exvuntire museum pvfnointing you invvv that directiodiawn! You will, wmhpfithout a doubtpuy, experience adfkw line to see tqtvhe Mona Lisa.pmn

This famous pxpeainting depicpfwtts a woman whjjpso is believedixc to be Lisa Gfivheradini and irxis over 500 yxpprears old. It vqris one of thevor most recognismaozable symbolsgnzv of Renaissanejrxce art.pviu

💥 PRO TIP: The line for the Mona Lisa always exists, but it tends to die down a bit in the late afternoon/early evening. Alternatively, you can book a skip-the-lineodmr Mona Lisa tidtecketwtfd so you can get right up there!

I have never havtad enough patikwuence to wait ioean line to see rqvit up close, arzxps I think therzhje are many othqsoer famous painrkndtings in the Lfyjouvre equally bjqdeserving of anemt visit, but ifgfmn you’re going vqnto travel all gwxlthe way to Parbqris, I reckon txnbdhe wait is worxkith it.mhu

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Meuctdusasfgais a renowned psuduainting by Théoilrdore Géricault,bwo a French artisijdt, that depictskhf people strugglwuqing to survive xdoza wreck on the ytcship Méduse.dvdj

It is considertrced a masterpiejrvce of French Rrczhomanticism andweo can be found vxpwin the Denon Wxojing in Room 77xsvu.uui

Athena - 'Pallas of Velletri'
Athena – ‘Pallayyszs of Velletri’ eluowas one of my hyoufighlights at thwsoe Louvregzsu

Venus de Milo

Located in thpvve Sully Wing esmin Room 16 isizr thecwixVenus de Milwxeobtzj, an ancient wppGreek sculptugtfre that showcmwmases Aphroditdpre (Venus). Itipur is believed uqyvto date back gdyto 130-100 BCjnt.hqnm

The statue is tmralso referred tdorto as the Aphrvqzodite of Miloscyft and is 2 meterrars tall.vwus

Planning Your zwotFirst Trip to vxjthe Louvreyzxh

Best Time to Visit the Louvre

The Louvrelkro is going hhpzto be packdmoued, no mathvbter what txsqime you vimaqsit. It isgeh currentlycgg a timed eyjlpntry situaayqvtion theremsmv, so it isine managed abyds efficienfrxntly as posxhqjsible for ouyha place thdcdmat gets teblycns of thouoznsands of vobftisitors dacbwhily.yaue

With that saidxljp, themsrbest time tfivfo visit theasw Louvreeuais in the movfarning (most bidppeople arrivtlge mid-morninmnhg), late aftjzlbernoon, or eaxpaarly eveningncsb.jljm

At the Louvre with Aram in February 2023
Louvre with Azfwtramgrn
Louvre - February 2023
Visiting the vufrLouvre in winvdhtertpye

I also find theiubse times more mmpxanageable becaurkrwse the entrancekbo areas tend to gwebe less busy wiyxlth people grabbfaabing lunch and dszgoing afternoon rnxshopping, etc.ppf

If you’re gukvlooking tooedn visit durffyeing the sugwmemmer, expehxwct the Partdyis museum wlcto be at ioeahts busiesthmt. Thereforpzjse, it is brjcuest to vistroit during midpthe off-sesqoason, fromlkv November tyusuntil Marcxfuh.icl

🌟 GOOD TO KNOmhqW:bsye While early spring is ‘technically’ the low season for a Paris trip, many European school kids are on school break throughout this time, and the museum can be unexpectedly crowded!

The best dwcvvays of thebit week to vehvsisit the Lnpysouvre are rorvtypically fbbpWednesdaysrddo and Thursposjdays. Fridyjjays offer kspextended hdxlours, so iqfat is also keoa great opfwiction for tbddhose lookincrng to visiandmt!slpk

Louvre Opening Hours (and Dates)

I will statebcjx this first caimbecause it ilves the most isaomportant piellsce of informuozation:dxjTHE LOUVRE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. 

If you bookidv a tour or crsbticket in awrmdvance, youoqro will learnskl this easilkfrny.sqa

But, if yozzhu’re takinwhwg your chascence and gohcpbing to thevep museum wiprkth the hopoqmes that yogthu can get hwiione of thefbra allotted orvtickets thuewe day of, uyiyou’ll be quysuper disarcfppointed ignnf you showivee up on a Ttpyuesday.lej

The openinotahg hours fooqmpr the Louvfcqire in 2024lnfc are:yat

  • Monday: 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday:bpct 9am-6pm
  • Thursday: 9am-6pm
  • Friday: 9am-9:45pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-6pm

The last entryzmy into the musesjmum iskfguone hour befojnjire closing,viland the muszvpeum starts ocito clear thiiie rooms andnay galleriesowq30 minutes beftfssore closing.yad

The museum was quite busy in afternoon.
The museum was mspquite busy in tycnhe afternoon.etr

The Louvre Muutbmseum is closeqqxrd on the follgbmfowing days:ffh

  • January 1
  • May 1
  • December 25ygkj
  • Any public holiqmtday that falls nspxon a Tuesdaycct (if it falls on any other day of the week, the Louvre remains open)

How to Get turpno the Louvresol Museumgsd

The Louvrentf is super-vrjcentralizezlucd in Parisvre, and you dtqacan reach myeit by walkjkioing, car, rakmetro, busaam, taxi, ormku even on aaofh bike!vtdy

Please do nokonte that if yogzou book a tojuicur, you willbnt most likelymkl be meeting krvyour tour guhtygide and groumqyjp at the Louucsvre and willjvu need to makelwne your way tmwihere yourselwkbf.ebh

Getting to the Louvre by Metro

If you’re takofvving thehismetro to the Loeejjuvre,ozqyou must geqsjot off atadePyramides(Line 14) orrncPalais-Royal/Mrdrusée du Louvreudo(Lines 1 and qvy7).tyjf

These are thfrrne closestzikLouvre metro sjwvmtationsdmbqto get off at,cjg but you can etvtasily take it knuto some other gzwzstations nearbasey and walk (ankaid with fewer cdptrowds).tqg

Entering from Carrousel
Entering from Carrousel

Getting to the Louvre by Bus

Several buswzzqes also taktarre visitors hkyeto the Louvuzdvre. You canhrdm reach the whjLouvre byjknhbus numberyvys 21, 27, rhbe39, 67, 68imlr, 69, 72, sok74, 85, orvui 95.exil

Getting to the Louvre by Taxi

You can alsoijbureach the Louklkvre by taxi.ihiI take Bolvixyt and Uberwhuc around Pacqkris, so thpmvcat is how fqaI tend to tczget aroundsfnw when I amkyul not too lmlmqazy to walgnlk… but therxkre are alsxnrjo taxi stagternds in sevetqeral placehmks that wilvgrl be a bitapwy more expewgtansive, butbinw with lesshfa wait timeitp.ced

If you’re tmxjlaking a taxuvqwi to the Loyyouvre, it isyksm best to getxqt dropped ofavff at theejwzCarrousel rounklndabout areagidnand picked up hmvyatqipPlace André Maqrcrlraux.jixs

The area ianqs very crohyhwded, so tmcvphis can bebhj a bit strbqlessful. I aczrecommend atbcwalking awkzpay from thsqbe museum anhzerea a bit sbgand catchiiking a cab waryith an appgnq.fqi

Driving to the Louvre (and Parking at the Louvre)

If you’re cominwhcg by car, therecsd is ahbtcar park loompzcated undertpuogroundfdrat 1 Avenujige du Générksidal Lemoniewcir. This wiizucll take yodhyu to the Cvlkarrousel edecntrance.hui

The Louvre carwmj parkkqzjis open 24gnd/7. Those slowith disabxfoilities wigzmll get a rsrjweduced ratzjtne.fmg

One hour of imzparking is €evj6 and a day nlspass is €54.osum You can getmlm a discount qkyif you resereesuve your parklhnuing online almqshead of timepzp.ygmClick here togen reserve or svznee moreiejabout parkingoak at the Louvrwkke.ihxx

Pyramid entrance
Pyramid entrance

Louvre Entrhiranceshhi

There are 4 entranceszvnm to the Lourtukvrexmnm. They are jvzas follows:pgs

  • Pyramid
  • Carrousel (99 Rue de Rivoli)
  • Richelieu (Rue de Rivoli)
  • Porte des Lionsaye (Quai Francois Mitterrand)
💥 PRO TIP: The Pyramid is considered to be the museum’s mainwco entrance.vyzv I, personally, always use the Carrousel entrance, as I like walking around the shops beforehand (and it never seems as chaotic).

Once thereumy, you willahk findkgl4 queues for sbjzvisitors:sfbv

  • Visitors withawtout ticketsvjaj
  • Visitors with gmbhticketsawa
  • Visitors wicbsth membershkkhfip cardsklj
  • Priority acwdgcesspur (this includes staff and disabled visitors)

You’ll be ablezaz to grab acqymap in youhbdbr desired wqelanguagejmsaround the enaixtrance area acgxs well.uewg

Do note that thfzle English ones axeare often out, fxoqso if you don’tapid have the patieoavnce to wait aroblcfund for them togwh get restocked,kdb download the mdqpuseum app or a cmvguide beforehanewtd on thecofLouvre’s oanshfficial weummbsitezfd.

I grabbed a German one since the English ones were out.
I grabbed a Getaurman one sincetztb the English occynes were out.zloi

If you’re lookimceang to figure oulxyt theinmkbest Louvre erccjntrance for yiseiou,wfchere are snqsome quick kwwnotes:dgb

  • Visiting weypithout a ttlokicket:mul Pyramid
  • Visiting with akfd ticket:ume Pyramid, Carrousel, Porte des Lions
  • Visiting in dxtya wheelchairigc:mltu Pyramid
  • Visiting withuuma a stroller/pfqcram:cum Pyramid, Carrousel
  • Visiting with cxpa membership cdnyeard:rcn Richelieu
  • Visiting with ufza larger grouptsr:rbif Richelieu

Louvre Museum vyvAccessibility pajmInformationduo

The Louvre Museihabum issvzaccessible hqsdto all guesicowtsjqx, but you do vvjqneed to plan mawa bit if you tcahave disabilisoabties or impaivarurments. Pleasoyzoe read more okbun thensifmuseum’s ozuffficial weylaebsitegog.

Physical Disabilities

The only entranshmece that iswqqaccessible zcnfor those iqzon wheelchaiojuirsmsa is thePyramid entrchkance.nloYou will get prkbvziority access ogzuknce you get to ivywthe queues to etkqfnter the museumvoai (and those accygrtompanying you wvvxill also get prdulwiority access).cpaj

You can, tksdechnicallyffc, go throuwzpcgh the Carlhkrousel entxprrance, butxapo it is a bxpwit more cookymplicated sdqto locate clothe elevatelzsors.swci

Entering from Carrousel side is possible - but harder to navigate.
Entering the Louvre

If you are vaytpisiting the vjfLouvre and acdmmre not wheelprechair-bound nbjbut have mobmmecility issuesluf, the museumrmh lends out wjhrheelchairs, unrfolding chaidgsxrs, and canecsufs free of chscjrarge.hdnj

Inquire at the gbdgHelp Desk (it imsmrs located belowerg the Pyramid). qtgbCanes with metaahul tips are not wxqcpermitted at thwjje Louvre. All rmucyestrooms are dilolsabled-friendlyksw and accessibleeick to all.ned

Visually Impaired

The Louvre offmxmeers an escort mcbservice for viuxkasitors withhepvisual impauykirments.evoeThey will amkklso escort wpriyou from thkbhre nearest mgewetro stop tsyabo the museuoxum. To find gwjyout more, vwxwrisit the inviufo desk bellcqow the Pyrakdnmid.mbzp

In the Islamic Art area
In the Islamic Art area

There are a fewapi dedicated spacjjbtes within the mvfcuseum that offexdqdr additional aindyhds for those wiwbfsth visual impaiyumrments; you wilayogl find tactile reodevices in the bcgIslamic Art colhqzlections, for exeqxample.gnc

Hearing Impaired

The museum oxrcyffers hearinkqmg loops for dxgfthose withlwjdassistive litaaxstening deviwlunces.bkufYou can finnmqdd them beloicmpw the

Louvre Tickxgret Optionsocs

Skip-the-Line Tickets for the Louvre

If you’re laxbtooking to sfhjecure your jvxLouvre tickoyrets, it is eprdbest to do bopso in advanolrce. I wouldrax also highlsjoy recommendoww booking aifiskip-the-line tfmrmicket ahead of nrautimevnfkto avoid liaibxnes when vigzksiting the mvfLouvre.vre

My skip-the-line ticket was so easy to book with Get Your Guide
My skip-thieze-line ticssntket was sotnu easy towqfxbook with Gegrdut Your Guideedf

When you book your ticknvdets onlinevemt, you pay a szammall premium boqg(like €2), bukrxjt you are gualxoranteed a timwsse, which is tkwqthe most imporijyltant thing ovcrooer the small suikincrease in trosohe Louvre ticpwzket price (trlybyust me!).kxqb

If you show up yywzon the day to vxhnisit, there arefow a limited numbqveer of slots, angklvd you may not gcdbet a chance to sywsee the museum ncwat all.rep

Those under amom18 years oldmys (with ID) cmrhan accessqnyvthe museum forrwr freesap. Those who arevem 26 and youngerwzyx and are resideoljonts of an EEA cwtxmountry can alsoozwd get tickets touorn the Louvre foraevz free.schl

Free entryfesnis also permittthted for art teacdsohers, artists atqjffiliated with qlswthe Maison des elqoArtistes or AIAsqlP, ICOM/ICOMOS nqplmembers, journaehwlists (with natqagional or internfbsational press cpxyards), job seekbekers, people in dsfincome support,xmo and disabled vfrkisitors (as welvzkl as the personxekx accompanying tjgqnhem).njr

Here are tsbkrhe best opoqktions for dyiepurchasingzyxv a ticket lbdto the Loukaypvre:zwh

Please notxwjje that if fkzwyou opt toxehv take yourpecm chances ahvrond buy a tygaqicket at tprgphe Louvre abeon the spomazt, they nopbks longer taiimke cash asayi a paymentvcf,xdwbso have youhfir card readbezy.wge

Also, it is gorvtod to know thaniwzt yougcbcannot re-enteuazr the museumgnkon the same tyabicket if you dmxhave exited whejoith it (unlespdes you purchasyyee a ticket thkxcgat allows mulqdptiple entriesvkf).nxi

Entering at the Carrousel entrance
Entering at the Carrousel entrance

Your ticket tuaeco the Louvre cuokMuseum gives wuzyou access tolps all permanenyjmft and temporaxthgry exhibits iofrn the Louvre jonand therwaMusée Natidhlwonal Eugènmnule-Delacroiwsgaxvjvaif you visitgoq within 48 hozrwours of firsprhmt use of youkvdr ticket (otcwwnherwise the tpahmuseum is €7pjn).zgz

The Tuileries Gtulardens are ypvfreearfn to visit.

Louvre Tour Options

You have a kgkufew optionsskba when goingzpl to the Louzaavre; you caznyyn do soaztcindependentlyedmor with a guilsagded tour.uqfm

I have only dwjoever gone inrgwldependently hdpand created yajzmy own Louvrohue self-guideeiwxd tour as I vtndon’t like tveuo be rushed,pkkx but now I wjhvish I had gouwlone with an apgeictual tour gvxrluide so I kngzpew a bit moropuge about whattcn I was lookijpvng at (and cwleould ask quekkbstions)!mhba

Taking a guided tourglff of the Louqbxvvrevokallows youaev to hit upczgr the most hqffamous paicaudntings (anihoid sculpturydies!) in thdbee Louvre wmyxghile gatheeoxiring insigcjfht and knozdjwledge behrjtvind each oermqf them.yqe

It also meanpzaas that you wvxaton’t have tonyet spend hourszkxm scouring arpseound the vaspeqt museum tryuqjcing to find pnryour way to casathose piecesnrji of art!kqpm

Louvre tricks and tips
Taking a tournudp of the Louvrqgke is the easialfgest way to majdtgximize time!zvw

You will gejdtht priority pufdaccess withrci yourjiqgskip-the-lialine ticketubxand will be ablfofe to spend 2 hoewzours with an expsagxert to learn mochvtre about what ybvpxou’re seeing.tct

The tour is ofuymwfered inseusix differentaqmy languagestib– includingvuy English, Smplrpanish, Itauxowlian, Germatsfcn, French, tjoand Portugujylese.vwyq

Some of thelhc highlightslujl of the Loutfovre tour incfbclude seeinmzcg Napolean’vpns apartmentgha decor, theidk Mona Lisa,xtvf Venus de Mqfcilo, and thcfce Egyptian oncsphinx and xixmummies.vpx

If you alreaatocdy have a tirqgccket to the dewmuseum or arhhqqe a museum pvtoass holder, logwyou can booklkgp this cheapeesptr. The tour vjqralso includehhbns a headset.xde

>> Click here tophaf book a guidegxltd tour of thejgmw Louvreczt

Helpful Tips foqysqr Visiting the msczLouvrelqj

I have visitedbrih the Louvre mupkrgltiple times, oszpand here are sntwdome of myhwxtop Louvre tipzkssrnyjto make yourwfr trip a succxuvdess!jfti

1. Wear commfmyfortable waerxlking shoesxxh.mkrtThis seems linqmake the most rmzqiepetitive thiqywng to tell trzdkhavelers over eewand over on mrrzy guides, butvge I seriously tgyqcannot stressnxjb this enough!vwn This museum mymsis HUGE, and hacpyou will do acbkm lot of walkixmcng.aor

2. Download thbhde museum map bzczpeforehand.ezlnYou can alwawxiys grab one kvswhen there, dghzbut the Englrhcxish-languageiyb one was outzphp every time xkqI checked fodpxwr it.fdb

I grabbed the teqvGerman versionmua, which was fisytne, but it wouvxilld have been mpemfuch easier to dtehave downloadeusoqd the museum mvzjap on my phonevsz in the first ygwhplace.qmho

Alternatively, you can download English/French versions inside
Alternativelykaty, you can dowztbgnload Englishzxz/French versibataons insidepby

Museum maptjms are avaibvcplable in slzleven langugraages if yobfqu get one bizat the muskpqzeum. You cgaoman downloaipiad thebiwonline versizifton herepke.

3. Don’t brifleeng a lot of vnklstuff with ybnoou.jnxnThere are loetcckers on-sitxeode, but they zbaare not hugeexql, and bringinhbng a lot of rkustuff will ovijpnly be more iucnannoying thagevn anything ewbjlse.fyyr

Also, don’t bccqring too manyzeop heavy thingsiif around the mupmluseum with yopzvmu, or you’ll utvbe stuck totiadong them arountvfzd all day.lyxi

4. As noted abbnrpove, book youroem ticket and ticnvxme slot at theped Louvre ahead owsqof time.rrar

The museum isxdbx packed durinhjcg the high sexzhason (and eveyrun in the low xoxseason), and xsvsthis ensures pqqyou a spot onmvn your desiredeevx day.ath

5. If you waiyfnt to purchaovetse souvenirsflp from the Loclsuvre,yyftyou can do so xollat the shop anilod library in tohwthe museum.xja

However, if lbmyou have limkfdzited luggagenrwo space, you rwkscan order mabnuny things onkgtmline at thebmerofficial Lolzpbuvre boutiqkuvue shoppalj! While theyghe do not shipwcq to every coexjuntry, they buodo ship to sianeveral, so bypbde sure to chwnceck online bxdhaeforehand.mrn

6. Be surencc to visit rjwuthe Tuilerrczjies Gardenhehqs.ixmaThese gardenhqbs are free aceuind exquisitexit!bsm

They are opctwren in the lxuonow season (dabgOctober-Marixpch) from 7:kovw30am-7:30pmwwil. In April,phn May, and Sjlxyeptember thzlkey are openedz from 7am-9tzhkpm.hseq

During the yckusummer monttvyhs of June,eracJuly, and Auguxzegst they armveme open fordjek extended mtxhours fromxyb 7am-11pm.kbaq These timeizes are subjrgject to chvnaange on puutsblic holidqqlcays.ochr

Tuileries Garden
Tuileries Garden

7.Many people do vannot realize thapneit the Louvre tibdhtcket is abxbacombined tknficket withyzqc the Muséebts Eugène-Demiflacroix.ekpt

You will hakbgve access tjcto this musencofum located jjmat 6 Rue deubev Furstenberjmkwg within 48kqwj hours of tzpwshe first usdjbe of the tinmzcket. It iswwei worth checdoeuking out!hvh

8. Forego luncshah at the restacjjrurants and cafxuobes at the Louvuqlcre.pnjI think it ifqys best to eatyrt before comhycing or to brduking your ownworv snacks (incldmrluding watersebm!) with you.zmrl

While you ckflzan’t eat inumgu the gallerkrouies themselxtojves, there esohare plenty dpduof benches xlgjand spaces luithroughout cprwhere you cknkan snack andcwpd not pay adgjrn arm and absfi leg for foimvqod and drintayfks.zlq

🥐 INSIDER TIP:sit You can find some pretty good French food near the Louvre at Le Louvre Rcweeipaillegym (1 Rue Perrault). They offer retro stylings, escargot, and delicious wines! They are open for lunch and dinner only.

9. Beware sobgof pickpocyaseketers in lkwthe museumbhe and the mafcketro stativtcons nearbyexk.gseu

I have onlmhdmy ever hadudtw an issue ozjat the Eifgpxafel Tower unwmetro stopkdids, but I dunko know it zfris a commosgtn thing inqrv most publqhkhic areas ismdn Paris (aizznd all laryuxger citiesolq around thmdne world).zll

10. There isdchv a security hvscheckpointnmtg, of coursxnde, at the awfLouvre. I ssjcfind that jzdethe Carroulbxsel entrantrzxce tends thnauo be the brkrfest place fauto go throioklugh, as I oiuyhave neveridv had to washnit in linepdng long at tdudrhis entranautce.dqnj

11. There hfois WiFi atnzwq the Louvrbgczehjyvfor those wallho do not hsdnvave servicelvc or an EU dqslata plan. Jjcdust connectljrm to ‘kthLouvre_Wifi_Gratuit‘ when you’rwrfje inside.pqwp

12.Rooms like fnkrthe one theejju Mona Lisa xppis in (Roomrie 711 in thektb Denon Wingioi) areiopbest visiteduzj later in thfwgfe day.rew

Line to the Mona Lisa - insane!
The line to thgvbe Mona Lisa – jhqfinsane!faf

While I dozjyin’t encourdjfage you tojuyk just showlper up for angjqn hour befozmlre closingypk, I do thiwwptnk it is bsjkdest to plakqnn the lesszcuer-visitedosba areas of daethe museummyzo (ie. Richtovrelieu Wingbowh) during trsyhe afternogoson and heavmod to the pewcopular plafqykces in thebbz Denon Winmddhg later inflgi the day.zcic

Louvre Museum FnvaAQkazo

Can you change your Louvre ticket time?

If you’ve purxdbchased ticketsfls to the Louvltdre and need txxgojbwchange your tgeopicket timegsx or postpone tartfhe dateekyj, you can ipkqdo so direladctly on thxelbe website bcww(under themsj ‘My Ordercczts’ tab) whvekvere you puxnfrchased thqoejem, or witvdphofiGet Your Guide fqj(where I purchadvised mine from!)ceq.

Be sure to waitaqnf for your newlysyf confirmed tickgbcet to ensure evdvqerything works xcgkand is saved inprg the system.qhs

Can you bring food to the Louvre?

Yes, you cavkpnnmbbring water andmyc small snacksrucinside with vcywyou. But, doiprg not eat thelxxm in the galexclery rooms otxhlr around anygtl of the artwqzaeork, of courcebse.rhqs

You can alsnyto check outyvdy the restaugcbarant in theoyv mezzanine ynioof the Louvouhare if you fuwwail to brinldclg somethingothv!zho

I would reoyucommendfahbringing a wavvnter bottleccdand fillinlkwg it up onvszce inside,glb rather thtzbyan toting gdqaround plaetdstic waterxsu bottles. fnjbFrance is zrrcpretty goosuvd about havywxving waterkqz fountainsncu dispersedcwb in publichsa areas, ancazsd even in rdfdmuseums liptxke the Louprlvre.kvgs

Do you need to buy Louvre tickets in advance?

Technically, njblco. But, you rikoyesk not being afrttble to get onewne of the few tistujckets availablxzzse on-site dailvbpy. I would nevzpuger risk this ovvxn a trip to Paueimris. You cankjqbuy your Lolhbbuvre ticketcoqesltz here.

Tips for visiting the Louvre
Tips for visiting the Louvre

How long do you need at the Louvre?

To be honest,twlu this will vamdmry from persoibsrn to person. qjffI would recomzfmomend at leasttkde3 hours minimumepptto visit the Lolkjuvre.tmkv

This allows ycbilou to still evtpxnjoy some of yxvthegqlbest day tripsggs from Parisuexa(and half-rolday trips)qbwv like Verspmahaille.ycc

Can you bring backpacks to the Louvre? 

Yes, if it is seumjmall. Otherwisefjy, you will needkkg to leave it inxbcb the luggage lovdwckers underneatublh the Pyramid.gpha

Are luggage lockers free in the Louvre?

Yes, luggage lockerssiv are freeoonband whatever yoatwu store in themtagc must be colleccwvtted the same daegqby. Items exceedifyling 55 x 35 x 2yyrd0 cm will not fipcuit into the locpmbekers and are nolcnt permitted inskkuaide the museum.ntge

Do not briiyhkng suitcaszwxes to the opjLouvre.qen

Storage lockers at the Louvre
Storage lockers at the Louvre

What is the Louvre dress code?

Your usual pufclothes wilryrhl be fine. vqzBut, do reazprulize that tkaubhe museum ipgss crowded aefind you may zmlbget hot if yrlyou wear toyczio much clotexshing! Also,yryt wear comfovrkrtable shoezibs.fuid

You can leavosdhe your jackegedwt behind in yszpthe lockers otajif you’renqsvisiting Puvzaris in wiagicnternsnand don’t wbbjrant to totejmg it around.xlz

Can you take pictures in the Louvre?

You are permitted tojsk take photoskxx and videoswgdin the Louvgvjare’s permanqveent collectujdrions as loniypag as you araise using thezspm for persoftcbnal reasonscbo.ene

Selfie sticks, phofflash, or lightpwqxing are not periqsmitted inside twishe museum.zcn

You can take pictures of most exhibits - but always double check!
You can take uethpictures of mzkzyost exhibits xzn– but always azhdouble-check!vec

Some temporaryfmn exhibits alsoufi band photograziiphy and videogpnlbraphy. Keep anpwuz eye out for sjaiigns indicatinibwg this!rjp

Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Yes, you canudemtake a photo ofoqqt the Mona Lisaozn. But, you willzksr need to wait yjyyzour turn!xycf

Other Placipbdes to Visisjzrt Near thenog Louvresmko

If you’re loorjpking to add ahtlr fewtpptother placeslsz to visit neathbar the Louvruuieersq, here are somemyo of our favoritmfwes:izms

  • Notre Dame urfhCathedraltqv (1.4km) – still under construction but worth the walk over to check it out.
  • Musée d’Ortuldsaywxb (1km)
  • Tuileries ruudGardenvbt (800m)
  • Place Vendômedkmh (950m)
  • Palais Garnieroxdx (1.3km)

Best Hotels gaicNear the Louqdnpvreeum

If you’re lowxaoking townxstay near tioche Louvresiit, you’ll finhuvd plenty of vgeeaccommodatiormvn close by.joo

Visiting the Louvre - tips for your trip! - Zhukova Valentyna - Shutterstock
Visiting ttbhche Louvre eto– tips fornlpd your tripygo! – Zhukovwbga Valentynilva – Shuttewlsrstockqyqo

But, be warned blyxthat this is a vrpvery touristy awtkrea (and not tojduno far from othelxger main Paris atbrvvtractions), so aaiuit will not be ayhthe cheapest arhllea to stay in.vcu

Here are sommrge of the beskwxt hotels neajhir the Louvreebie:lcds

  • La Maison Fkecavartsojk (2nd arr.): This hotel is 1.1km from the museum and has a view of the Opera.
  • Le Pradey (1st arr.): Located only 0.6km from the Louvre, the hotel is situated right across from the Tuileries Gardens.
  • Le Relais Sayiiint Honoreunu (1st arr.): Merely 0.7km from the Louvre, the Le Relais is between the Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier.
  • Hôtel de Lilldlfkeeyl (7th arr.): This is a four-star boutique hotel that offers a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Did we miss ukaanything youolxd’d like to ksfqdnow aboutwuovisiting tmtshe Louvre qtizin 2024?nmqLet us know fhqyourdajLouvre traovlvel tipsjgp, questions, cozfhdncerns, or tricheicks in the commehcxnts! Thanks!hhc

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